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Mar 22, 2018 | 0 comments


Firstly a huge Thank You – Thank You to all of you that have supported Mojo Bones and Impact Winter thus far. Through showcases, interviews, escape rooms, press kits, survival experiences, reviews, player feedback and boundless support from all around us, we are truly grateful for those that have partaken in our little Indie endeavour.

Since the release of the PC version, we have genuinely appreciated your feedback and sought to make the game an increasingly better and tighter experience for all that have invested in us and have yet to invest us.

And so it is without further ado that after this long road of blood, snow and tears, we can finally announce that Impact Winter will be coming to you digitally on Playstation 4 and Xbox One this April 5th!


Our 3 year journey really has been one of creativity, long hours and determination, not to mention a tremendous education for all involved, and we can honestly say we are a better team because of it.

We are both intrigued and excited to know what you, our new console audience will make of the game, and eagerly wait to hear and see your impressions.

Just 15 days and counting till rescue!

Wrap up warm and we’ll be in touch again soon.



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